Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Round One... Wow, this is pretty badass.

To those that knew me in High School, it's no surprise that I'm a fan of Mortal Kombat. For a while, that's how we regularly annoyed the girls and non-gamers that we hung out with. Some would say we just wanted to play, but I'm sure that the annoyance factor made us want to do it even more... why didn't I get laid in high school again?

Now I was nowhere near as good as Roger and BLM at Ultimate Kombat, but I could hold my own against average players and I would occasionally eek out the win against those two. Two was always my bread and butter.

But that's neither here nor there as this wasn't meant to be a post about the games. There were also the movies. I actually enjoyed the first one a great deal. It was stupid fun and action packed and the tone actually matched that of the later games with the stupid Babalities and such (Baraka was still one ugly fuck though, even with a diaper and rattle). Like most though, I did wonder what it would be like if they took themselves more seriously and matched the tone of the first game. I figured that it would probably be retarded and an utter failure though and life went on.

Last year though, this surfaced:

Wow, that actually looks pretty cool... and the cast, with Michael Jai White and Jeri Ryan, that's pretty solid. Apparently it was made to generate interest for investors to pop in for a movie.

Well, the movie never happened so they decided to make a web series. I figured, "well that's that. This will likely suck." But then they put this out:

Well that looks pretty cool. And it looks like they were able to keep the cast intact. This might be pretty sweet.

So Episode 1 came out this week and it is. I am disappointed that Stryker isn't wearing a T-Shirt and Ball Cap though.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011


So for all of you Vatican Assassin Warlock followers out there there's this article. Sorry, tough break kid.

However, if you read the article and feel so inclined, the exciting news is that you could intern for SheenCo this summer. I imagine that'll be one hell of a summer for one lucky so-and-so.

Also in the article, a link to Dave Holmes twitter. I haven't thought about that guy in years. I remember when he lost the MTV VJ job to that ass-clown Jesse despite the fact that Dave actually knew about music (dude should have been the next Matt Pinfield) and Jesse had a brain cell.

Does MTV even have VJs anymore? Probably not... and probably a good thing: Dave Holmes losing out to a douche like that demonstrates how sorry a state of affairs that was.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Good Bye a.k.a. Vivica Fox is Awesome

So I just finished watching Season 6 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The last 30 seconds of the last episode spawned one of the funniest moments in the series thus far. Finally someone that can compete with Susie.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

So my friend Luc posted this link on Facebook along with this comment"

Hate to say I told you so... no, I don't.
Global warming is a myth.....

I decided to post my response here because I figure I should update this thing periodically when I have something to say:

Global Warming is a stupid name for it.

Here's what we know:

- Via geological records we know that the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing at a faster rate than it has in the Earth's known geological history.

- As the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere increases, the radiation from the sun is still able to penetrate the Earth's atmosphere on the way in but less of it is allowed to escape after it is reflected by the oceans because of the change in wavelength of the radiation.

So what is the overall effect? Who knows, we can barely predict weather patterns a day out half the time.

However, it's going to change the climate. It's hard to argue that trapping more solar radiation within the atmosphere won't. Now complex organisms such as ourselves have a much harder time evolving to suit our environments than small organisms. It is possible that we could change the environment so as to make the Earth uninhabitable for humanity and we'll all die out. This is why I hate all of the "save-the-planet" jokers. The planet will be fine; we just may not be able to live on it.

So the decision to make is one of risk-reward. Do we make a change in our behavior and make near-term life a little harder in attempt to prolong the existence of human-kind or do we keep going the way we are and possibly kill ourselves off? Me, I don't really care as I already see humanity as a failed experiment circling the toilet bowl waiting for someone to flush (to paraphrase George Carlin). Besides, I'm waiting for the Mega-Volcano under Yellowstone to get us (it's got a 600,000-year eruption cycle and we're at 640,000-years since the last one). But really, this is the decision that we have to make.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Grape Can Be Funny

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

So I watched this LazyTown show once with my nephews and while it was kind of trippy (and aparently Icelandic) it really didn't hold my attention. Maybe if Lil' Jon was actually part of the show I could have gotten more into it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009